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What We’re All About

Located at the heart of Kannapolis, North Carolina, is a bar and grill restaurant that’s especially opened for journeymen linemen and locals alike. We started during the height of COVID-19 in September 2020 with hopes of building a place that could help brighten our community and pay respect to the hard-working Americans day and night to build our communities.

Our Mission

Equality and respect are a big must for us. We believe in treating each customer as a valued member of the family no matter who they are or what walk of life they come from.

About Dontrell Rankin

Occupation: Lineman, Business Entrepreneur
Journeymen’s Misson:
In a world where everyone is glued to their phones or television, people tend to forget that the world is in a constant state of innovation and repair, journeymen linemen like most other skilled tradesmen don’t often receive the recognition they deserve. Where would we all be without journeymen plumbers to help irrigate our homes or journeymen electricians to wire our homes and places of business? Where would we live without the journeymen carpenters that build our homes and where would we be without the Journeymen Linemen who work tirelessly in every type of weather and storm to build and repair the very lines that power our cities? This is a place where they can come and enjoy a good hearty meal and drink and be proud of the work they do every day.

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